Things to Keep in Motion and Peace

So in the journey to get better mentally and physically, I have try and discover lots of interesting activities and even groups dedicated to help others.

For physical training I discovered here Fitness Boxing 2, it does give you a run for your money, I’m still trying to get all exercises unlocked.

It has a lot, from the most basic moves from boxing to complex sets with waving and dodges and still more to come, the music actually helps to get into focus and feel it a little more light, but don’t mistake it for something easy it will work all parts of your body.

it has a tracker for the days you do the exercise, calories, weight so it’s pretty complete, it’s more of an estimate I mean it’s a game but it does help, I have felt the difference and the work on the body so if you’re constant with this one it will help.

I try to do it at least 3 days a week or when I can’t go outside and walk, apart from the daily tracker you do have a free style mode and you can decide to do more exercises or the sets you actually want to do that day in the difficulty you want, so if you’re feeling a little low you can try a little impact so you don’t go burning to the ground.

This group I got to know it because of a friend, that it’s very spiritual and helps a lot with this topics really.

I can say this one changed my life and has helped me a lot in keeping my mind sane and getting better with my mental health, it even inspired me to take a teacher ship on meditations, I want to help others to find better ways to cope with daily stress and make a difference on other peoples lives as it was done on mine.

They do have Instagram and Youtube and they are a very welcoming community, you can do meditation with them anywhere in the world.

Other thing I have been doing to is eating better, my doctor was baffled and me too, since I do have cholesterol problems so when I went back to do a check up and I was over everything, it was a lifechanging decision and well it has been going well with all the exercise and meditation too, so sometimes I do advise to just eat very good even if you don’t have any problems so you can actually avoid any in the future.

I have found that Greek salads are amazing things, they leave me full and you don’t need a lot of things and it doesn’t cost a lot to make it either a few things here and there.

And I’m amazed at how many things you can actually do in this lifestyle to eat healthy and stay balanced and you don’t need to be rich, just plan ahead and have a little info on where to get things economically.

Have you tried any of the 3 yet? let me know what you do to stay balanced?


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