Yoga, Ayurveda and Breathwork @ Residence Inn

A few months ago I went to an event at the Residence Inn hotel here in Panamá, we had yoga, meditation and a powerful breathwork by the end.

The yoga part was done with Yoli Novoa, it was pretty cool for all levels I did try my balance a little there, it was actually super fun and very good for the body and the mind.

The Meditation was done with Vita by Anita, I relaxed a lot with her, and she makes food too, the experience was pretty nice and soothing on that part.

Finally the Breath working was done with Alessandra Santos, this one was a surprise to me, until that day I really didn’t done any like conscious breathing at that level and wao it was an enriched experience for me, totally amazing.

For me it was a great experience, this events are so good in my soul and mind it help me grow a little everyday and I get to know lots of amazing people too.

Have you go to any events this year? which one are the one you have liked best?


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