Wellness Revolution 2021

So last Saturday July 31 2021, I went to Wellness Revolution the event was organized by Citta Yoga and held on Plaza Causeway, it was awesome, loved it.

It was a day full of cool yoga classes and I did meet lots of cool brands that return to the environment or are environmental friendly.

I did bought a new t-shirt for this event in Titan, polyester it’s really a good fiber for this, perfect for yoga and anything else that you have on mind really if it’s exercising.

I did two classes, I loved the one with Riri she was super fun, totally rocked the class; I don’t seem to remember the other name of the instructor, but that one was pretty cool too very nice.

The Buti Yoga was my limit, I got totally destroyed in this one, but it was super fun, I liked it even when after I did have everything a little sore, I will advise to begin very slowly with this one, it’s pretty intense and Ana Maria gave us a good experience.

I discovered Gaia Concepts too, were I bought this versatile and eco friendly hairband made of recycled materials, it’s super nice and soft.

And the little hand towel was like being in heaven, super easy to clean in the wash machine after and they are absolutely perfcet for excersicing and have on the go.

Other things I did get to know was The Snack Guru I’m in love with their cheese and spinach patty so delicious, and I don’t even eat that much spinach really, so it’s a plus for me.

Something I brought back that everyone loved too was the chips and the dip from Avegado , they were so delicious we couldn’t stop eating.

For drinks I get to know Hatsu and Viel each with their interesting properties, the hatsu was good it helps that they are a lot of flavors and they are pretty economic, viel was more sugar flavored for me, like gelatin maybe, not bad but it was weird for water, but not bad just different.

I have a great time, have you gone to any events this year that are mainly yoga or wellness?


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