Minimalism A Lifestyle or a Style?

A few days back I had a debate with a friend and my husband, it was pretty interesting, because I did change my lifestyle to a more minimalist one, so my friend was telling me if the blog and my lifestyle are minimalistic I should only use black and white to express that, but in my opinion that’s not what I wanted to do I don’t really love just two colors in the world; then in my husbands opinion minimalism it’s a trend and you follow or not with whatever it’s predetermined on it and the things the trend goes for; for me very personally it a choice you make and should be adapted to what you are trying to accomplish, there are many things in the style and I don’t think you have to stop and reconsider all your life just because something don’t go exactly with it, but more like make it your own and adapt the things to what you needed to achieve in the first place.

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The change came about when I read Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki, he made a good practical guide to achieve a minimalist live in a few steps and compromising with a few things, the concept Less is More, it’s what I think we should strive for, and usually this should depend on what you want and your style of life.

In the book he put several examples about minimalist people, everyone had his own style of living and his own way to express it, one lived with just what he can carry in a backpack, that’s was awesome, to live with everything you need in your shoulders; then we did had a housewife that maintained his house with the essential to live and attained the perfect way of life with space and the things she needed most; so for me it’s having the things I need to have in my everyday life without that things eating me alive or taking all the space of my house, a little difficult when my mom love to collects things, but my spaces are at needed for me with the style I choose and that’s fine by me.

Minimalism isn’t an objective. It’s a method.

Fumio Sasaki, Goodbye Things

I do believe that no matter what you believe in or what everyone else says, you should decide the path you traverse yourself because no one is living your life for you, so you don’t have to fill any expectative or say what other want, just decide on the path and live it as best and fullest you can and that feels best for you.

Now perspectives are not a bad thing if taken with respect and an open mind, because everyone voice has a value and sometimes it can even expand what you know about something and even let it grow more than you knew.

So for you what will be the best option of this? do what the style say? adapt it to you? just go with the flow of what it stands for? leave me a comment with your perspective.


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