A little fable to think about

A few days ago in my meditation group they shared an interesting fable with us and it got me thinking.

The story of the Monk and the empty boat.

small moored boat on peaceful lake in highlands
Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

A monk decides to meditate alone, far from his monastery. So he takes a boat and goes to the middle of a lake, closes his eyes and begins to meditate. After a few hours of absolute silence, he suddenly feels the blow of a second boat that apparently collided with his own. Immediately he felt how anger began to rise in him, but when he opened his eyes, ready to yell at whoever was the driver of the other boat, for having interrupted his meditation, he found a great surprise, the boat was abandoned. There was no one driving it and it was drifting across that lake. At that moment the monk reached self-realization and understood that anger, like any other form of mental disturbance, is always within oneself. Waiting for any external object that serves as a catalyst to manifest. And after that experience, every time the monk was involved in some irritating event, which caused him any negative reaction, he reminded himself that – “all external events are like an empty boat, and anger is only within me. “- Then he went on his way in peace.

I do have a lot of stress because of my job, I do call center and it’s a bad thing to have all that stress 8 hours a week and my husband was telling me afterwards too I do get a lot of auto stress without any reason, so I read this and thought, why do I let ager get the best of me, I want to be happy so I will do as the monk and breathe before adding more anger to myself, it has been working actually like a charm, I have it on my computer like a post it, so I don’t forget.

This self discovery journey it’s long since we are always changing and the work never ends but it gets better everyday, let me know if you are in this journey too, what have helped you along the way? any fable that you recommend or that changed your perspective?

Photo by Max Andrey on Pexels.com


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