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After a long time in my life and after reading Bye Bye Thing from Fumio Sasaki, I understood that for being happy you don’t need to own many things, and in the process of releasing things to the world I realised I felt better with myself and I had more room to breathe since I could see what I was really using and what I needed most in my life, instead of gathering thing without any sense just to have them doing nothing in my house. 

Hey, There!
I’m Joselyn.

About me

My name is Joselyn and I live in beautiful Panama City.

I love traveling and seeing new places and interesting activities; my other passions are beauty and trying new skincare and makeup products.

I try to be very practical in everything I do and in this I have found the way to minimalism and wellness as well.

I hope we can engage in interesting debates about places, things and events and many things in general. 

About Blog

I’m rediscovering myself at this point in my life, so wanted to write about it, we never know who else is going through the same or similar situations and I would love to help and learn from each other. 

I love sharing my travel experiences with other people and trying to help them find places that they may have overlooked or never even heard of.

I hope that in this blog you will find many fun and curious places that you can go with your family and friends at some point and I am always open to suggestions to discover places in our beautiful city.

Other Things you can find here will be activities I go to and maybe some recommendations on products and things I love, ways to stay minimalist and be good to yourself, events I get hold off for the sole purpose of having more peace in your life, in this era that’s what I feel we need more. 

Things to Keep in Motion and Peace

Things to Keep in Motion and Peace

So in the journey to get better mentally and physically, I have try and discover lots of interesting activities and even groups dedicated to help others. For physical training I discovered here...

Wellness Revolution 2021

Wellness Revolution 2021

So last Saturday July 31 2021, I went to Wellness Revolution the event was organized by Citta Yoga and held on Plaza Causeway, it was awesome, loved it. It was a day full of cool yoga classes and I...

Minimalism A Lifestyle or a Style?

Minimalism A Lifestyle or a Style?

A few days back I had a debate with a friend and my husband, it was pretty interesting, because I did change my lifestyle to a more minimalist one, so my friend was telling me if the blog and my...

A little fable to think about

A little fable to think about

A few days ago in my meditation group they shared an interesting fable with us and it got me thinking. The story of the Monk and the empty boat. Photo by Maria Orlova on A monk decides to...

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